Groupe Novafer - Lormafer

Our Offer

  • French fleet of around 65,000 freightwagons
  • Maintenance/repair work required : around 15,000 freightwagons per annum
  • LORMAFER  holds a market share of approximately 20%
  • 6 main European accreditions / approvals (including VPI, SNCF, SBB, UK)
  • All types of wagons (eg, nuclear, tank cars, covered hoppers, gondolas, boxcars…)
  • All types of services : overhauls, repair, refurbishment, degasification/emptying/cleaning of tank cars
  • Broad scope of services : brakes systems, axle, boggies, tanks
  • 1st axle / wheelset center in France                                                                        
  • 1st independant control brake valve center in France
  • Parking spaces of around 850 wagons
  • Direct access to our premises with 5 shuttles per week from/to Creutzwald